My work starts from personal memories, anecdotes, experiences. 

These often take place within the framework of architecture and the urban environment. 

Architecture in the broadest sense: the house where we live, the space in which we move, in which our thoughts are shaped.


I am very sensitive to the energy of a site, a building, a room. An energy that exists only thanks to its past and its experience in the present. I am particularly attracted to places where signs of modernity coexist with older signs, revealing a new aesthetic.

It takes time to experience a place. In my pictures, I try to show not only the obvious appearance of a place, but also the mental space it reveals. Therefore, human presence is mostly left out.

In addition, there is always the interest in the specificity of photography as a medium.

I like to involve so-called coincidences or technical defects that appear on my way and I often see them as an indispensable element to the story. It gives me the opportunity to question the intensity of photography and thereby to put it into perspective.


In my work, both analogue and digital photography are combined, as well as moving images.

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