La Dalle

This project shows the place I discovered many years ago and which left a deep impression on me. After 20 years, I finally found this site again.

An island in a city, a fascinating timelapse of architecture and urbanization, built according the principles of Le Corbusier's ideal vertical city. 


An intriguing time related experience is at play. In the past twenty years, nothing seems to have changed, but in the three years I visited the site, it did.

Memory, desire and the confrontation with this memories shape my view.


Traces of human intervention make the original architectural plan/feeling/aesthetic fade away. Subtle differences in the pictures show the refurbishing of this site, and as such the evolution of the perception of an architecture. How do today's residents deal with living in the constructed environment of this site?

A probing desire to preserve what was, becomes an investigation of what remains. An ode to the constant cycle of construction and demolition and all creations in between.

Ongoing project.